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Wed Jul 17th 2024    

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 Corby Industries, Inc.
 812 N Gilmore St
 Allentown, PA 18109
 United States of America
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7000 SA Series Keypad

The keypad will be a Corby Model 7010, 7020, 7030, 7040, 7022, 7063, 7066 or approved equal.

Keypad will consist of a full travel, double shot molded, 12- button keypad and metal mounting plate. A removable and replaceable self-contained electronics module will be attached to the rear of the keypad. Electronics module will contain a positive and a negative output rated at 350ma each. Keypad will operate from 6 - 24 VDC and consume 4ma @ idle and 25ma when operating. Connections will be made to six inch long wire "pigtails".

Keypad will be programmable through hardwired jumpers placed into a seventeen position socket. Keypad will accept one unique code for operation of the output. Operating code will not be lost when power is removed. Operating code length will be jumper selectable as four or five digits. True "out of sequence" error detection will be used to ensure the operating code is pressed in an exact order. Keypad will contain LEDs that permit a 180 degree viewing angle and have six inch flying leads for connections. Keypad will allow seven Corby Model 86 modules to be connected to Keypad, allowing two buttons to be selected for panic and zone control.

Keypad will be available in a weatherproof version, with spring loaded cover to conceal the keypad, and without a cover. Keypad will be flush or surface mountable to a single gang electrical type box. Keypad will be 2.75" wide X 4.5" high X 1" deep. Weatherproof keypad without cover will be 3.23" wide X 5.0" high X 1" deep.