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Wed Jul 17th 2024    

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Contact Info
 Corby Industries, Inc.
 812 N Gilmore St
 Allentown, PA 18109
 United States of America
  (610) 433-1412
 Secure Fax
 (610) 435-1963

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It is with deepest regret and great sadness that Corby has closed its doors. After 52 years in the access control business, we are unable to and can no longer remain in business. Our decision to close is effective immediately. As such, please be advised that we cannot fulfill any existing orders and will not accept any new orders. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your many years of loyalty and support for Corby! We wish each of you the best. Corby Management

Corby Industries, Inc.
812 N Gilmore Street
Allentown, PA 18109-1812 USA
(610) 433 1412 - Phone
(610) 435-1963 - Secure Fax
(800) OK Corby - Sales

We are located in the United States, on the East Coast, about 75 miles SouthWest of New York and 60 miles NorthWest of Philadelphia. Situated in the Eastern Time zone, for the winter we are -5 hours UTC and in the summer, -4 UTC. We are one mile South of the Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE) and only a few miles away from Interstate 78, Pennsylvania Route 22 and the Northeast extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike which is part of Interstate 476. This translates into a two hour drive from New York City and a good hour drive from Philadelphia.

Our normal operations are from 0900 to 1700 hrs Eastern Time, Monday through Friday but usually someone is in the office from 0800 to 1730 hours. Our manufacturing facilities operate from 0730 to 1600 hours and they are complete with forklift and loading dock.

You can call us anytime, 24 hours a day and if you know the extension of the party you are calling, press it anytime. To leave a secure confidential message in our general voice mailbox just press press 7. Otherwise, during normal business hours use our regular phone extensions or our simple voice mail menu. Orders, including confidential credit card information may be left in our secure general voice mailbox or faxed to us anytime. We will confirm via fax, email or phone. We do not store or file credit card numbers as they are destroyed immediately after order processing.

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