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Sun May 19th 2024    

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 Corby Industries, Inc.
 812 N Gilmore St
 Allentown, PA 18109
 United States of America
  (610) 433-1412
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7500 Platinum Series Keypad

The keypad will be a Corby Model 7510, 7520, 7530 or approved equal.

The keypad will be a Corby 7500 Series or approved equal. Keypads will consist of a 12-button keypad with integrated electronics. The integrated electronic module will contain a single output which consists of a Form C main relay rated 5 Amp. Keypads will operate from either 12 VAC or 12 to 24 VDC and consume 20mA during idle time and 120mA maximum. Connections will be made either to a Eurostyle terminal strip or to a wire "pigtail".

Keypads will be programmable through the same 12 button keypad used to activate outputs. Keypads will accept 200 unique codes for operation of the main output. Code programmable settings will be stored in nonvolatile EEPROM memory and will not be lost when power is removed. Operating code length will be selectable from four to eight digits. Keypads will return "on-line," in 15 seconds, if no data is entered while in program mode. Keypads will "timeout" when a partial code is entered and not completed within three seconds. Keypads will be disabled for a 30 seconds upon three consecutive invalid code entries.

Keypads will be available in a weatherproof version. Standard keypads will be surface mountable to a single gang electrical type box. Mullion-style keypads will be flush or surface mounted to a two inch wide door frame molding. Standard Keypads will be 3.2" wide X 5.1" high X 0.75" deep.

Mullion-style keypads will be 1.75" wide X 7.125" high X 0.75" deep. Keypads will meet IP68 Certification and MIL STANDARDS 810C, 202E, 461B and 462, for shock, o o vibration, moisture, temperature (-40 F to +257 F), and are not susceptible to RFI/EMI interference. Keypads will be manufactured by an ISO 9001 Registered and CE Approved company and will be backed by Corby's 15 month Full Warranty.