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Thu Apr 18th 2024    

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 Corby Industries, Inc.
 812 N Gilmore St
 Allentown, PA 18109
 United States of America
  (610) 433-1412
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System 1 - Access Control Panel

The access control system will be a Corby Model 1000, "System 1", or approved equal.

The system will control one door. It will be housed in a metal cabinet measuring 7.5" X 8.25" X 3.5". The cabinet will have a lock and hinged door to prevent unauthorized access to the wiring. User and door data will be programmable through a built-in, panel mounted, 12 digit keypad and 16 character LCD display. This data will be stored in a non volatile EEPROM. Loss of AC or battery power will not cause memory loss. System will provide an RS-232 interface for optional programming through a video display terminal or connection to a printer for the logging of events. System will provide built-in charging for an external lead acid battery to support full system operation upon loss of main AC power. System will operate at 16.5 VAC or 12-24 VDC. System will support 250 users and record the last 50 events. Three time schedules will be provided for the control of users and door control. Each time schedule will contain seven time zones for a total of 21 time zones. The system will support a perpetual clock and calendar system accurate to the year 2086.

System will accept a 4000 series keypad, Wiegand-type, magnetic stripe, bar code or proximity reader wired directly or Data Chip reader connected through a Data Chip adapter module. The maximum keypad wire distance will be no less than 1000 feet, and the maximum reader wire distance will be no less than 500 ft. System will accept a Normally Closed (N.C.) door contact input for the purpose of monitoring forced entry and door ajar status. System will contain a form C relay, rated 1 amp @ 30 VDC, for annunciating a forced entry or door ajar condition. System will support a request-to-exit input to service a Normally Open (N.O.) egress device. System will be capable of operating an electric door lock via both a form C and form A relay rated 5 amp @ 30 VDC operating in tandem. System will provide up to 250 seconds of momentary relay time to control the door lock or the relay can be set for on-off-on-off latching operation.