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Wed Jul 17th 2024    

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System 2 - Access Control System

The access control system will be a Corby Model 2016 "System 2" or approved equal.

System will control two doors. System will be housed in a metal cabinet measuring 15.5" x 11" x 4.5". Cabinet will have a hinged door with a lock to prevent unauthorized access to the wiring. Memory allocation for users, event storage and mode of operation will be adjustable. System will be programmable from a built-in keypad and 48 character LCD display. System will provide an RS-232 interface for optional programming through a video display terminal, PC or the connection of a printer. System will provide an RS-485, two wire interface for connection to other System 2's in a network. A maximum of eight systems will be networkable to provide control for 16 doors.

System will provide built-in charging for a lead acid battery to support full system operation upon loss of main AC power. System will contain a lithium battery for backup of user, system and event data upon loss of main AC power and main battery backup. System will support a perpetual clock and calendar system, accurate to the year 2086.

System will support 6000 users in two door, standalone mode and 4000 users in network mode. 16 time schedules will be provided for the control of users, doors and auxiliary functions. Each time schedule will consist of 64 cells each for a total of 1024 time cells. System will allow hard and soft antipassback. Auxiliary relay outputs will be triggerable from twenty different system events.

System will contain two direct wire inputs for each of the following: Keypad, Weigand (including swipe, insert and proximity), bar code, magstripe and Touch Memory readers, Door Ajar/Forced Entry, Request-To-Exit and Zone. An input will be provided for an emergency drop of the main door relays. The system will accept BCD encoded keypad codes, 26 bit standard Wiegand codes, a proprietary Corby 30 bit Wiegand code, a Code-39 bar codes, track-two magstripe codes and Dallas Touch Memory device codes. System will provide 5 VDC @ 125 ma. and 12 VDC @ 250 ma. for card readers. Resettable fuses will provide protection for 5 and 12 volt outputs, AC power and rechargable battery.

System will contain two of the following outputs: Door relay consisting of form A and form C contacts rated five amps @ 30 VDC, Red and Green LED indicator rated 50 ma. The following additional outputs will be provided for signaling, shunt and schedule control: Two form C relays rated five amps, 30VDC, and two voltage outputs rated 50 ma.