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Wed Jul 17th 2024    

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System 5 - Access Control System

The access control system will be a Corby Model 4000, "System 5", or approved equal. System will control four doors and be expandable to control 8 doors by adding a model 4009 slave unit. System will be housed in a metal cabinet measuring 15.5 inches X 11 inches X 4.5 inches. Cabinet will have a lock and hinged door to prevent unauthorized access to the wiring. User, door and operating data will be programmed through the supplied, 14 inch, Model 4100 video display terminal. System will include a dot matrix, tractor feed, 80 column printer. System events and user data with time, date and location will be displayed on the terminal and can also be printed.

Programmed data will be stored in battery backed RAM. Loss of AC or battery power will not cause memory loss. System will provide built-in charging for a 12 volt, external lead acid battery to support full system operation upon loss of main AC power. System will operate at 16.5 VAC. System will support 750 users, identified by name and number, and record the last 250 events. System will support a perpetual clock and calendar system accurate to the year 2086. System will contain eight time schedules and 16 holiday dates. Each schedule will have seven days plus a holiday for a maximum of 64 time zones. Door relays will be operable by time schedules for automatic control of doors. Schedules will restrict access by time restriction of valid user codes. System will support anti-pass-back when a keypad or reader is used on each side of the door. System will support duress codes and cards. Proprietary backup / restore software will be included to permit system data and event storage to disk.

System will accept model 4000 series keypads wired directly or from a Wiegand-type, magnetic stripe, bar code, proximity or Data Chip reader connected through a Reader Interface Module (RIM) or Data Chip adapter. The maximum keypad wire distance will be no less than 1000 feet, and the maximum reader wire distance will be no less than 500 ft. System will accept a Normally Open (N.O.) door contact input for the purpose of monitoring door ajar status and to cancel any remaining "door open" time. System will support four request-to-exit inputs to service a Normally Open (N.O.) egress device. The unit will be capable of operating an electric door locks via four C form relays each rated 5A @ 30VDC. System will provide an auxiliary relay contact rated 1A @ 30VDC, activated by duress codes, a door ajar condition or time schedules.