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Contact Info
 Corby Industries, Inc.
 812 N Gilmore St
 Allentown, PA 18109
 United States of America
  (610) 433-1412
 Secure Fax
 (610) 435-1963

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Step 1 :: Backup The System

Select Option 71
Select Option #1 - Backup All Files
Select Option #2 - Backup Data Files Only

The data files are the ones that will be used for the upgrade to the current version, but it is a good idea to backup everything in case the user needs to restore the system to the exact condition before the upgrade.

HR Step 2 :: Get the Hard Drive Ready

Put your DR-DOS or MS-DOS disk in the floppy drive
Re-boot the PC
At the Command Prompt type - FORMAT C:
Reboot the PC

HR Step 3 :: Install DR-DOS 7.03 or MS-DOS 6.22

You can find DrDos on our Product CD
Or you can find DrDos on the following websites.

Run Memmaker Now before you install the System 10 software.

HR Step 4 :: System 10 Installation Disk

Insert the Corby System 10 Installation Disk into drive A
C> prompt, type A: to switch to the A drive.

HR Step 5 :: System 10 Installer

Next, at the A> prompt, type INSTALL. This will start the System 10 Installation.

HR Step 6 :: Main Screen of the Installer

Choose one of 7 options to determine what type of installation your need. Choose the option which meets your current requirements.

For the older multi DIP switch digiboards steps 4 & 5 (Port Testing) are not required. The 3rd & 4th System 10 screen in STEP 3 may not apply.

HR Step 7 :: Installer will copy

The System 10 Installer will copy all the files from the install disk and inflate them to the System 10 directory.

HR Step 8 :: Changes to you PC's CONFIG.SYS

Once copying is complete, the following screens will be displayed. Please enter the keyboard inputs exactly as they are shown.

Select Yes, change it and press ENTER otherwise you will have to change it manually.

INSTALL may need the following changes made to your 'CONFIG.SYS' file: FILE=40
BUFFERS=30Shall I make the changes for you now?Yes, do them No, not now

Your old CONFIG.SYS has been renamed to C:\CONFIG.S01.

Press any key to continue

HR Step 9 :: Changes to you PC's CONFIG.SYS Again

Select Yes then press [ENTER], change it otherwise you will have to change it manually.

INSTALL may need the following changes made to your 'CONFIG.SYS' file:


Shall I make the changes for you now?

Yes, do them No, not now

Your old CONFIG.SYS has been renamed to C:\CONFIG.S02.

Press any key to continue

HR Step 10 :: Select Always run

Selecting Always Run will start the system 10 software every time you reboot the PC.

Select Y to always run
Select N to boot to a command Prompt

Do you want the SYSTEM10 software to always run when the computer is turned on or rebooted?

If you do not want it to run when the computer is turned on, you will have to type 'SYSTEM10' at the DOS prompt. Always RUN or Type it in?

HR Step 11 :: Changes to your autoexec.bat

Changes will be requested to be made to your autoexec.bat. The Origional file will be backed up under a different filename.

Press any key to finish installation.

Your old AUTOEXEC.BAT has been renamed to C:\AUTOEXEC.B01.

Press any key to continue

HR Step 12 :: System 10 Install is now completed

Installation of SYSTEM 10 is now completed. You must reboot your computer for the changes to take affect. The System 10 install program will ask you to remove any floppy disks from the floppy drive and prompt you to reboot.

Remove the System 10 Installation Disk from the floppy drive and reboot your computer. If you selected auto start in the last step, the System 10 software will automatically load. If not, at the C> prompt, type system10.

HR Step 13 :: New Style Digiboard Configuration

If you have a new-style Digiboard, the System 10 program will prompt you to run the Digitest Utility. Please visit the Digiboard Configuration page for more detailed instructions on setting up a newer style Digiboard.

If you do not have a new-style Digiboard skip this step.

HR Step 14 :: All Done and Important Note

Important Note!
You should NOT Restore events when restoring your old system 10 database. Events on any system 10 install from version 1 to version 6 to the current version are not compatable.

You are now finished installing System 10. See your System 10 Programming Manual for more information.